How Innovative Design Makes DIY Simpler and Safer

As a homeowner, knowing how to fix and mend things yourself can save you a lot of money. Over the years of living in your home, you’ll need to maintain it to keep it in good shape and reduce the amount of serious repairs needed. Whether it’s fixing a leaky tap or sanding a door to make sure it doesn’t stick, there are a lot of things you should know how to do.

Thankfully, DIY isn’t that complicated. Modern design and innovation have helped make it simpler and safer. You don’t need to be an expert, and you don’t even need to have lots of expensive tools and equipment. In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways that innovative design have helped to make DIY safer and more accessible to the average person.

Specialised Screws

A lot of DIY work and fixing things in general depends on fasteners. These are small devices that are used to fix two materials together. The most common type of fastener is the screw, which is driven into a material and creates torque due to the threaded shank. Screws are small yet capable of applying a lot of force, creating a strong and long-lasting joint between two materials.

Thanks to modern design, there are now lots of different screws which can be used for all kinds of different purposes. For example, self cutting screws. Also known as self drilling screws, these little fasteners can be driven directly into a material with no need to drill a pilot hole beforehand. This means they can be applied quickly while still providing a lot of force.

Other screws may be designed from different materials, giving them unique properties. For example, outdoor DIY projects need to use screws that are constructed from materials resistant to corrosion. This means that there are thousands of types of screws, all specialised for a particular use. Thanks to this innovation, it’s much easier to find and use screws that are the right fit for the job.

Better Safety Equipment

Modern safety equipment is now far better than previous designs, helping to keep you protected while doing DIY. With a lot of accidents and injuries caused every year by DIY, it’s important to use the right equipment to ensure your safety. For example, safety glasses made from lightweight materials can be used to keep dust and particles out of your eyes when cutting or drilling.

Modern design uses hard and durable materials which are less likely to break under impact, ensuring you’re protected in case something goes wrong. This has been applied to all sorts of safety gear, including glasses, boots and hard hats. These materials can mean the difference between a serious accident and nothing more than a scratch.

Fire safety is another important thing to consider when working on a DIY project. Thanks to modern technology, people are now far less likely to suffer from injuries due to fires. Smoke detectors and heat detectors work well in addition to fire extinguishers. When you begin work, make sure you consider the materials you use and whether safer options are available.

Modern Power Tools

Gone are the days of using a hand drill or standard screwdriver. Modern technology and innovations have made tools more effective while also being safer and easier to use. Power tools, such as drills, nail guns and jigsaws, aren’t an essential part of a DIYer’s toolkit, but they do make life a lot easier.

Thanks to these electronic tools, a job that might have taken all day before will be over in a few minutes. While the speed and efficiency of the tools might make them more dangerous, modern design adds lots of features to keep you safe. For example, cordless design, casing made of insulative material and safety locks.